mr-meI am 90’s guy who still love that era. I am an writer, blogger, traveller, and sometimes be a singer, seriously 😀

I still writing some book for my first Novel, and being a Novel creator is not easy, you need a creative brain fully with imaginations

Alright stop talking my story, lets talk about this blog.

This is one of my private blogs, It doesn’t mean I am not shared all articles to the visitor, but It’s my lovely blog that I really care about it.

My goal is to put many good things in this blog, so when I need an important info or note, I just can open this site and read it. Simple.

I am currently working as head of marketing. Truly I don’t really like this job but I 100% respect my manager because She also my best friend.

My daily activities are working of course, singing, playing some notes on the flute and disturbing my cats Ha,,

Friends, please for give me is I can’t give the best story, but I appreciate your kindness for reading my site. Thank you