Home Material and Asbestos

Honestly, most people didn’t know about the home material, especially about the dangerous stuff such as asbestos substances. Now, why we need to aware about the existence of asbestos and what is asbestos?

Let me explain a little bit about asbestos, and hope you understand.

Lets start from identifying asbestos.

Asbestos is a small, very small object and it’s only clearly detectable after a microscopic test. If you want to make sure about your home material, you should take a test, this site showing us about how to do that – Perth asbestos testing procedure. Actually the testing kit is a simple method to test the fibre, but it’s not a good option for serius and large project.

Let me show you the quick look of the procedure:

First: You or expert should take a sample of asbestos fibre, when and where you want. In the test kit, all for a simple sampling is available: Guide to sampling, registration form, vessel for sampling.

Second: Place the tube in the supplied box. You or expert must bring it only for the post or another delivery company and send off.

Third: After a few days, you will receive the result (the LAB test result)

Wait, do you know what is asbestos?

Asbestos is a collective term of 6 fibrous, naturally occurring silicate minerals. Asbestos found in the past by its positive characteristics, such as non-combustibility, thermal and electrical insulation properties and chemical resistance, versatile application.

But asbestos causes some dangerous diseases such as mesothelioma and cancer!

Now you know that asbestos is hazardous to health.

Asbestos fibers are released when working with asbestos and through breathing in the lung, so don’t play with it if you want to life.

In normal use, asbestos-containing products are not hazardous to health, in case you’re not disturb or break it. Tearing out of asbestos products, such as floor coverings must be carried if necessary by professionals, because this must be done very carefully, without dispersion of dust so that no asbestos contamination of the environment is expected.

Bottom line, you need an expert on doing asbestos checking, I know you might want to use the test tool available in the market, but that is not the fair option for your health.

You home should be free from dangerous things, including dangerous material, thanks!.